Now for ME to give this blog thing a try..

Hello all, there are as we know always at least two sides to a story and I must say Michelle is doing a great job with ours, but alas, she has left out a few things or altered them to her benefit. Like for instance, drafting. Yes, I do draft off of her more than I have with anyone and as she mentioned, I was drafting at the time. What she left out was that I offered to take the lead and she said “No” and told me I needed to take a break since I was the one who fought a few days of headwinds. And she called me a jerk for offering.

As for the squirrel that attacked me, I was just laying there enjoying the morning when it started making such a racket then gave me a full on body slam into my muffin (that’s what Michelle endearingly likes to call my love handles) making me jump and spin around. George, as I call my attacker, left after that, not making much more noise. But, as we climbed the first hill that day, all of George’s friends and family taunted me with the same laughing noise he made that morning. I know they were saying “that’s the guy George made jump”!

In my years I have been stung by most everything that CAN sting, and not just once, but more times than I can count (even had flies copulating on my legs). Never though have I ever been stung by a bumble bee; so it was a shock to me to be stung by one. It was not a bad one by any means, in fact it did much less to me than what the mosquitos did to Michelle a couple days before. It was just a shock to me.

All in all so far is has been a great trip and the choices we have made together have been good ones and I am willing to overlook the sleeping bag fiasco as well as the videos that are gone and will say, I am happy to be riding with her as my partner.