Biking & Sailing Journeys

The Pacific Northwest and beyond…

Slow-Mo Sailing, Jones Island Land Ho!

We did it!!! Well, Marty did it :)! WE SAILED CONDOR! We set sail with a new electric motor and a de-mildewed jib sail. This was our maiden sailing voyage and we were excited to share it with my nephew Noah. For our first sail trial run, we wanted to go somewhere decently close… just…

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Lopez, “Slowpez”

Ahhh, Lopez Island… Two years ago, Lopez was my very first bike camping trip. I was excited by the idea of being able to travel and “live” off my bike. That first trip was a perfect introduction. The hills not too bad (just a slow climb at the start), and our campsite at Spencer Spit…

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Pedal, Paddle, Posey Island

It is definitely summer in the Pacific Northwest! The clouds are at bay and the sun is shining. Sadly, neither Marty or I have been biking much this year, so it’s time to get outside again! While I’m taking a nice little vacation for what feels like the first time in a while, poor Marty…

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Easter Sunday Ride

Thinking of routes to ride I took my phone, brought up the map and found a tentative loop we could do from Michelle’s house and showed her when she asked if I had any ideas. She liked it, time to take out the road bikes. After a leisurely morning we left after 10am to start…

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  1. I am a friend of Thad’s living with my wife in Green Valley, Arizona, a little south of Tucson. If we can be of any assistance on your travels, call or text us at 520-648-3737.

    Dr. Charles Rorie


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