About Us

Michelle & Marty

Marty lives on a fixer upper sailboat and has pedaled over 100,000 miles. He’s done many bike camping trips across the United States. He is in charge of bike maintenance, cooking, carrying extra water, GoPro, and anything really gross.

Strengths: Coasting downhill (he’s so fast!), Navigation, Drafting off Michelle

Biking Dislikes: Rude traffic

Michelle lives in a fixer-upper house and has never done more than 58 miles in a day or 5 days of biking straight. She is in charge of setting and breaking down camp, finances, internet stuff, maintaining good uphill pace, and locating donut shops.

Strengths: Biking uphill, choosing the wrong direction, sucking it up buttercup

Biking Dislikes: Downhill, gravel