Windy Whidbey Quickie!

Well it’s been quite some time since our Great Divide Ride and both Marty and I have felt the yearning to get back into our weekend bike rides. Both of us have been focused on fixing the boat and fixing the house. Marty has made some great progress on the mast, it’s back in the boat (woohoo!). I’ve got some new baseboard and paint. But all work and no biking makes us irritable. So we planned a last minute-ish bike ride at the half-way point between us, Whidbey Island, Washington.

I made my way to Port Townsend (with a stop at Waste Not Want Not thrift store and bought 5 chairs…. I just can’t help myself!) to take the ferry over to Whidbey. I parked the car at the marina and started putting gear on the bike and noticed my front tire was looking pretty flat. I took out my bike pump and succeeded in letting more out of the tire rather than pumping air in. I don’t understand this pump, half the time it works the other times it works against me. So instead of messing with it longer, I crossed my fingers and hoped to find an open bike shop in town.

I carefully rode the half mile or so to the ferry terminal and bought my $4 ticket and then went to town. Fortunately I did find a spot and the shop was kind enough to give me some air and I made my ferry in time (thank you incredibly nice lady at The Broken Spoke!!). But what a ride, we rolled quite a bit and I actually had to be down on the deck with my bike. Thankfully I was far enough back to not get splashed by all the waves. Meanwhile, Marty was having his own ferry issues. He accidentally reserved the wrong ferry time and showed up late to the one he was supposed to catch. As luck would have it, the ferry was late (shocker…) and he made it on the all-island ferry. So his trip went from 1 hour to about 2 hours…barf.

View from the ferry of the Olympic Mountains

But we reunited and it felt so good! Fort Casey Historical State Park Campground right next to the Coupeville ferry terminal was our campground for the night. Marty brought his new Suburban aka “the burb”, and our new “camper” so we splurged $20 for the site rather than our normal hiker/biker price of $12. After picking a spot we hit the road. The wind was a bit chilly and I was so grateful to have borrowed Marty’s gloves (thanks babe!). With no real route in mind, we meandered down Ft. Casey road which was decently flat and had some nice farms and views. The road ended up near the Red Apple Grocery store where we split a chocolate milk and Marty succumbed to the Girl Scouts (Yes to thin mints!).

Girl Scout Cookie Stop at the Red Apple in Coupeville

We continued to battle the wind up Terry road a bit and ran into a bike path which we plan to find the beginning and end of when we come back. But due to the time we headed back towards camp taking a slight detour to Ebey’s lookout point. This was a nice little spot next to a cemetery, but with some nice views of the water and we could see Fort Worden over in Port Townsend! Heading back to camp we took Hill road, named appropriately, and had some fantastic views of the waves crashing on shore and some lovely sun-setting action.

Fort Casey Historical State Park Campground from the Ferry

Dinner was a short walk across the street from our campsite/ ferry terminal at Callen’s. It was a nice treat after a cold, but beautiful ride. Definitely packed, but very pleasant. We headed back to camp a little bloated… excited to experience our first night in the burb. I’ll just say… it’s been a while since we’ve been on our thermarests and in a sleeping bag. So the night was a little bit restless (maybe a lot restless!!). But given the ice on the ground we woke up to, so happy to have been inside and not in the tent!

All in all, we did a nice little ride of 15 miles, enough to whet our appetite for coming back and exploring this place even more. I think we’re convinced to continue riding this island and possibly doing a long weekend here. The peaceful back roads, views, and overall serenity of it all is really enticing.