Pedal, Paddle, Posey Island

It is definitely summer in the Pacific Northwest! The clouds are at bay and the sun is shining. Sadly, neither Marty or I have been biking much this year, so it’s time to get outside again! While I’m taking a nice little vacation for what feels like the first time in a while, poor Marty is still working. Nevertheless we managed an evening adventure to Posey Island.

After completing some boat chores, doing the dishes, sweeping and cleaning up, finding that annoying line that keeps banging against the mast and tying it up (no more clanking noise… ahhh peace!), I headed out on my bike from Friday Harbor to Roche Harbor. It’s a nice road sprinkled with hills that I’ve ridden many times to meet Marty at work. It’s not long, 10 miles or so, but it’s always a gorgeous ride and the traffic is minimal. I love passing by the little winery, the orchards, ponds and occasionally I’ll be graced with some deer or an eagle flying by. This time of year my commute typically sees the tourists out and about, but of course Covid has kept the island a little quieter this season. However, there were still Susie moped riders putzing about, Backroads conducting bike tours, and the bike campers. I tried to keep pace with one of the campers, but alas, the head wind got the best of me and I had pulled over for two ambulances. I did eventually pass him! But only because he was on the side of the road taking a bathroom break (lovely). I slowly rolled into to Roche taking a slightly longer route, making my ride about 12 miles, dropped my bike off at Marty’s work and headed to the docks to read and people watch until Marty was finished rescuing boats for the day.

Heading out from Roche Harbor

Marty had driven to work with the canoe on top of the “burb” and so we were ready to go after buying an expensive snack/dinner from the Roche Harbor grocery store :(. I’ve never been to Posey Island, only heard how Marty had camped there before. I knew is was a tiny little place right on the other side of Pearl Island (Pearl is also pretty small, but you can see it easily from Roche Harbor, maybe a 5 minute motorboat ride away if that). We pushed off at the Roche ramp and headed past the marina towards the right side of Pearl. Can I live on Pearl Island? The houses are gorgeous! If only I didn’t lack sufficient funds. Anyway, around 5:00 pm the water was wonderful, only a slight ripple and the wake of the motor boats coming in wasn’t bad at all. As we rounded the corner of the South side of Pearl, we could see Speiden Island (a private island rumored to belong to the guy who owns Oakley sunglasses company, need to fact check that one; but covered with Sitka deer and other species. I think it was originally populated to hunt.. also need to fact check). To the North of us, we could see Stuart Island (a decent sized inhabited island only accessible by boat or small plane), and a little further Northwest, Vancouver Island, Canada!

It took us about 25-30 minutes until we reached our little destination of Posey Island which had two cute little campsites and even a bathroom! Stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer even 🙂 win/win! We saw the reservation list posted, but found ourselves alone on “our” little island. We busted out our snacks and had a great little “dinner” on the picnic table and enjoyed the views. We regretted not bringing our camping gear, but next time for sure! It was decently quiet minus some pleasant music waffling from one of the houses on Pearl. After dinner, we took a stroll all the way around the perimeter. That took all of 10 slow, very slow walking and stopping minutes (it’s a tiny one!).

We packed up our stuff to paddle back to Roche. Heading around the North of Pearl Island this time to make it a loop rather than out and back. This way felt significantly shorter and took us only 15-20 minutes. I gawked a bit at the large and fancy boats anchored off and Marty pointed out the best buoy I’ve ever seen :)! Back at Roche, Muscle Man Marty single handedly lifted the canoe and packed it back on top of the burb while I packed up the paddles and life vests. We headed back home to the boat, topping off the evening with showers, laundry and some guy taking an outside shower next to the laundermat serenading us with some of his own classic hits. Never a dull moment :)!