Our normal lives are winding down, our adventure lives are ramping up and the anticipation is taking over! We’ve laid out all our gear, reduced it to what we think is bear minimum and have finally taken a ride with a fully loaded bike. It’s slightly heavier than our normal weekend trips especially with all the water weight and I’m grateful we decided to put on an extra granny gear!

Interestingly, neither one of us really wants to ride our bikes until the real deal.. maybe it’s a case of “ignorance is bliss”. Surprise attacks of the “butterflies” have been hitting us both over the last few days. And now we’re tired of thinking about what we may have forgotten or if we’ve packed too much. Planning and prepping can be endless and emotionally taxing (especially when we’re not totally finished yet).

It’s really just time to go and do it and hope we won’t have to resort to cannibalism (which if necessary we’ve both agreed it’s okay 😉 ).