Tuesday afternoon we packed our bags, got the rental car, went to mom and dad’s house to drop off some gear we may need when they meet up with us later, and headed for Bonner Ferry Idaho. The ride was a bit windy all the way until Ceour D’Alene, but finally mellowed out. I learned how to use cruise control for the very first time! Craziness I know, but I like it now! Anyway, the rest of the ride treated us to some pretty stunning scenery with mountains in the background and lush green pastures. The bliss ends there and the stress begins.

So you know that sinking feeling when you think you’ve forgotten something and then it’s like… um..hmnnn.. yep…I KNOW I forgot something :(. I will say, Marty was a total champ about it!

After frantic late night calls to my parents (yep, left our two person sleeping bag at their house), we found that FedEx could overnight-international-priority mail it to us in Banff for a mere $260 and well… no actual guarantee it would get here the next day. So weighing all options, we took a chance to find a make-do bag in the pricey resort town of Banff. Long story short, we found something we hope will work until we meet mom and dad in Montana.

Meanwhile, Banff is gorgeous! We were fortunate to have a stunning drive in with amazing views of the Rocky mountains, glacier fed lakes and streams, and blossoming meadow flowers. The color contrasts in the landscape do not disappoint! As per norm, Marty booked us an awesome room at Charltons. Everything is so walkable, as long as you don’t mind walking with the throngs of people enjoying the same places you are 😃.

We did stumble across a quaint little farmers market where Marty started off sampling something lavender in the not appropriate way.

After Marty ate face cream meant for exczema, dandruff, and a plethora of other uses (to include jock itch!!) We decided it was time for a beer!

So we’re pretty much packed and will probably head out in a few hours. It’s raining, which means we’ll get to test out new rain gear.. hope it works! If not…this might really not be the most optimal situation :).